This is our beautiful F1b Labradoodle Krystal she has a first cross Labrador poodle mother and a standard poodle father.
Krystal has a fabulous caring temperment which she passes on to all her puppies .

Chino her son from 2nd litter has just graduated from Canine Partners to be partnered with a lovely young lady.


‌Here is are beautiful Red Fox coloured Labrador Lexi with a litter of her Puppies.

Lexi not only passes on her beautiful colour to all her puppies but also her very loving nature.

Lexi loves children and other dogs, she is a very loyal and likes playing ball walking and cuddles on the sofa.


Roxie is Lexi's daughter with Bellaroyal  Chilli Pepper she has both parents loyal and loving temperment with a passion for water.

Roxie is 19 months old. When she is old enough she will continuing her mothers line.

Roxie loves to play either in the garden paddling pools or fetching balls thrown in the sea.

Like Mum she is also one for cuddles on the sofa.




‌Diva is also the Daughter of  Lexi and Bellaroyal Chilli Pepper .
Diva is 7 months old and from Lexi's forth and final litter.

Diva has a lovely dark red colour and also has the same beautiful temperment as her parents and like Roxie loves fetching balls and playing in the water.

Diva not only likes cuddles on the sofa she also like to lay on top of any dog that happens to be already there giving her a double cuddle.

Krystal's Litters - Labradoodles

Lexi's Litters - Red Fox Labradors