About Us


At Home Farm we are very passionate about our dogs, the day care started when we fostered a Jack Russell while his owner was in hospital, he stayed with us for 3 months. We then looked after a Labradoodle long term while awaiting his move to Australia with his owners. Through word of mouth more dogs arrived for regular day care and holiday stays.

We have dogs of our own which are very well behaved and enjoy socialising with new dogs.

We also breed Red Fox Labradors and Labradoodles. We are very proud of Chino one of our Labradoodle puppies that we donated to Canine Partners, he has just graduated and been partnered with a lovely young lady Sian.

Home Farm is set within 6 acres of land, with a large enclosed garden where the dogs can play. The door is always open so that the dogs can choose whether they run around or come into the house to chill out.